Provide high-performance and high-security elastic cloud server and adopts three-tier storage to protect user data security; at the same time, it can flexibly expand the resource usage to provide a more human resource-saving, hassle-free and more cost-effective cloud server. The server is equipped with high-performance storage made of pure SSD architecture, designed to provide users with high-quality, efficient and flexible cloud computing services. The cloud server uses a three-tier storage function built by data-Sharding technology to protect the security of customer data. Meanwhile, the flexible usage of resources can ensure the smooth operation of the customer's business during the peak period; the flexible and diverse billing methods is to maximize the savings of IT operation expense and improve the effective utilization of resources.

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  • Live Server Migration cross data centers
    Breaking geographical restrictions and easily coping with the operational problems caused by time space, it takes only 5 minutes to move data from one computer room to another.
  • Server Account transfer function
    ZKEYSEncourage support users to transfer idle servers in their hands at any time, improve the utilization rate of idle resources, reduce waste of resources and help users effectively reduce costs.
  • Three-tier storage technology
    Cache, precipitation, and backup layer. The three layers process data, cache, and disaster recovery respectively. The three layers are synchronized in real time. The data security reaches 99.999% and the high availability reaches 99.99%.
  • Free 5G defense
    With built-in hard defense node, against the DDoS Attack up to 300GBs , effectively defend against DDoS, CC and other malicious attacks to ensure user network security, 5GBs DDos Protection is free for every instants.
  • Reliable performance to ensure business stability
    The server implements complete isolation between cloud hosts at the hardware level; deploys with high-end servers and adopts centralized management and monitoring to ensure stable and reliable services.
  • Flexible deployment to help you with one click on the cloud
    For enterprise users in different industries and fields, we help users to quickly apply cloud computing with professional and mature one-stop industry cloud solutions.
  • Pure SSD architecture with top hardware
    A high-performance enterprise cloud server with pure SSD architecture, high-end Intel Haswell CPU, high-frequency DDR4 memory, and high-speed Sas3 SSD flash memory are used as the underlying hardware configuration to create a fast access experience.
  • BGP self-healing Network bandwidth across the network
    Use BGP lines to completely solve the problem of North-South interconnection. At the same time, it is disaster-tolerant, ensuring that the line is safe and stable, allowing users to experience the best access speed.

Application Scenarios

Entry type
Applicable to: small business website or personal webmaster
In the initial stage of the website, the concurrent access is small, only one low-configuration server is needed, and all resources such as applications, databases, files, etc. are all on one server, and the resource configuration can be adjusted at any time based on the flexibility of cloud computing, without worrying about low end server has insufficient resources when the business suddenly increases.
Applicable to the initial stage of the personal website, the number of concurrent visits is small, and the economic configuration saves money.
Recommended configuration: 2 CPUs CPU 2G RAM 5M Bandwidth 5/20G Default protection I/O optimization Open for free
Advanced type
Applicable to: local and industry portals
The community website business has more users access than the personal website. To ensure performance, bandwidth, memory, and CPU need to be optimized at this time to provide more space and improve access speed.
Suitable for web applications with moderate traffic, or simple development environment, code repository, etc.
Recommended configuration:: 4 CPUs CPU 4G RAM 5M Bandwidth 5/20G Default protection I/O optimization Open for free
Applicable objects: online shop, group purchase network
With the continuous development of e-commerce, many companies are gradually aware of the importance of e-commerce. This configuration is suitable for development, testing, and initial stage of operation. It can be increased or decreased according to the actual growth of your business in the later stage, and can be flexibly controlled.
The computing power meets the needs of 90% of cloud computing users, and is suitable for enterprise operation activities, parallel computing applications, and general data processing services.
Recommended configuration: 8 CPUs CPU 8G RAM 5M Bandwidth 5/20G Default protection I/O optimization Open for free
Ideal type
Applicable to: community SNS / forum / ERP / OACRM, Online Games and other high-end services
It is suitable for application scenarios with high computing performance requirements, such as enterprise operation activities, batch processing, distributed analysis, and game apps.
Online games have developed rapidly in recent years. In addition to traditional network terminals, web games and mobile games have developed rapidly, and the game market has grown stronger.ZKEYSPay-as-you-go savings save a lot of cash flow and operating expenses.
Recommended configuration: 16 CPUs CPU 16G RAM 5M Bandwidth 5/20G Default protection I/O optimization Open for free


Computing Rich instance specifications, flexible expansion, supporting user business development The cloud server provides a rich set of instance specifications (CPU, memory) and bandwidth, cloud disk selection, and supports upgrades at any time to meet various business needs. 99.99% high availability guarantees stable operation of the business.
Global multi-node to meet the diverse needs of users
Storage Three-tier storage technology to support user data to automatically generate backups to ensure user data security and meet different I/O performance requirements. Equipped with ZKEYS Three-tier storage innovation, automatic layered caching, precipitation, backup data
Guarantee user data integrity, availability, data security up to 99.999%
Security Basic security such as network security and server security
Cloud Monitoring and Real-Time Alert
Provides DDoS protection, DNS hijacking detection, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, web Trojan detection, login protection and other security services
Monitoring and alarm service for the server, providing real-time monitoring, clear understanding of the performance
Console Provides multiple management methods such as console, remote terminal and API to give you full management accessiblity Web console and API offer two ways to help you easily open, close, restart, upgrade cloud server; provide real-time monitoring and reporting of CPU, memory, hard disk IO, keep abreast of cloud server operation
Network BGP bandwidth on the whole network, promised exclusive, multi-operator coverage The BGP network supports all major carriers to access; fast public network experience covering the whole globe
Provide flexible network planning options